Friday, October 3, 2008

John Porcellino's Sam - Coda






the evolution of John Porcellino's Drawing Style:
phase one:
1. lively bad art (heta-uma, according to King Terry) inspired by punk rock (even so John Porcellino's keen eye is already evident);
2. all that and a premonitory dream;
phase two:
3. Porcellino's style is now very stylized: caricatural, clean, minimalist, well balanced, Zen, poetical (German book's cover: September 1998);
4. Silly - Cat was a dos-à-dos zine published December 1997 (the second "dos" was Joe Chiapetta who published Silly Daddy);
5. a great example of John's writing found in Silly - Cat (please add melancholy to the above list): John Porcellino perfectly does here what Tom Devlin (I suppose) said that he does best: "His spare approach to words and pictures focuses on the smallest of details, revealing a wealth of meaning and emotion in everyday events that most of us overlook in our daily hustle and bustle." (King-Cat classix's dustjacket's flap.)

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