Saturday, October 3, 2015

Nosotros somos los muertos #1

Francesc  Capdevila (Max), Nosotros somos los muertos # 1, May 1995.

It was twenty years ago already. Max's Nosotros somos los muertos anthology started a fifteen issue run after a number 0 two years before. The issue included some of the best Spanish comics (Arnal Ballester, Max, Pere Joan, Micharmut, Gallardo) joined by a couple of great authors from Germany (Hendrik Dorgathen and Anke Feuchtenberger) and Italy's Lorenzo Mattotti. 

As you can see below Max was also part of the great Drawn & Quarterly adventure. Read about it here.

Francesc Capdevila (Max), Drawn & Quarterly Vol. 2 # 6, June 1997.

By the way: Matthias agrees with me: the nineties were special. I even idealized a book titled 1996 (the greatest year in comics history).