Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Federico del Barrio's and Elisa Gálvez's La Orilla - Coda






1. Madriz # 1 (January 1984): cover by la movida icon Ceesepe;
2. ad for El Canto de la Cabra theater company: art by Raúl; backcover for El ojo clínico # 2 (Federico del Barrio's, Felipe Hernández Cava's, Jesús Moreno's, Raúl Fernández's post-Madriz magazine; Spring 1997);
3. poetical page by Federico del Barrio in El ojo clínico # 1 (Fall 1996);
4., 5. cover and interior page of Silvestre's Relations (Amok, December 1996 [Pelure Amère # 4, 1993]); Silvestre is Federico del Barrio's experimental nom de plume (my translation): "Iconoclasm: Have you noticed that we have no shadow? / That's because it's cloudy. / Nor legs! / To do what? We are standing still. / Roberto the void is eating us up. / We still can talk. Tell me something. / I became white. / Get over it; maybe we're secondary, but we're in the foreground. / Roberto! / Yes? / We're invisible. / I'm delighted. / We became literature. / Not yet, a little detail is missing. Come over here. / Here? / Yes, now, at last, the world is watching us. We're something. / Yes Roberto, and you, of course, you're an idiot."

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