Saturday, October 25, 2008

Guido Buzzelli's Zil Zelub - Coda






1. "Nikola - The Polish Refugee", Princess, October 15, 1960: alimentary comic published in the UK (even so, here's what Paul Gravett & Peter Stanbury have to say: "a surprisingly grim wartime story for a girls' comic.": Great British Comics, Aurum Press: 149); Buzzelli was lucky with the scriptwriter assigned to him, maybe?;
2., 3. Zil Zelub's pages as published in Italy by Edizione Grandi Avventure, 1975 [1972]: (2) part of an autobio scene (the beard indicates that Buzzelli is remembering) in which the child loses himself in fantastic worlds; (3) in this nightmarish scene people from all revolutions in history mistake Zil Zelub for the enemy while the real dictator (a condottiere on a horseback) prepares himself to reassume power; the absence of gutters in the strips is a Buzzelli trademark;
4. the agnone leaves Rome, growling, under the implacable surveillance of the angel; L'Agnone, as published by PMJ, 2000 [1977];
5. the ugly and the beautiful people (story by Grazia de Stefani Buzzelli): "Dressage", Glamour International Magazine # 5 (February 1986).

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