Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ana Hatherly's O Escritor - Coda





1. in the inside / outside game language is here outside the writer: as Roland Barthes put it in The Death of the Author: "For him [Stéphane Mallarmé], for us too, it is language which speaks, not the author;"
2. society creates meaning: "the prepotency of knowledge, knowledge that's multiple blindness;" (Ana Hatherly);
3. the writer's loneliness (original art): "(the writer who cries tears of ink)" (Ana Hatherly);
4. graffiti inspired painting, 2001: "My work begins with writing - I am a writer who drifts into the visual arts through experimenting with the word... My work also begins with painting - I am a painter who drifts towards literature through an awareness of the ties that unite all the arts, particularly in our society." (Ana Hatherly; translation Mick Greer; other Ana Hatherly quotes, my translation.)

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