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Carlos Sampayo's and José Munoz's Sudor Sudaca - Coda








1. Alack Sinner' first published page: Alterlinus # 1 (vol. 2, January 1975);
2. José Muñoz and Carlos Sampayo meet their creation in "La vita non é un fumetto, baby..." (life's not a comic, baby); Perché lo fai, Alack Sinner?, Milano Libri: 1976;
3. "I love to be with you and I love you..." / "But we'll not meet each other again... ...Why?..." / "Your sadness..." / "My sadness."; dark city: "Città Oscura"'s last page as it was published in Charlie Mensuel # 106 (November, 1977);
4. "I mean... the marines were for the second time in Nicaragua. Well, then Sandino told them to go away, but the marines didn't want to... What were the marines doing in Nicaragua, considering that it wasn't their country?" / "Stealing, killing, occupying, I know what they were doing..." / "I ask the respectable audience. What were they doing?" / "What were they doing?"; "They occupied."; "They protected the United Fruit..."; "Yes, yes, the fruits."; just a puppet show by Muñoz and Sampayo as published in Nicaragua (Casterman: 2000 [1986]);
5. a Diane Arbusesque "comédie humaine" in the foreground while the story is elsewhere: "Città Oscura" (Charlie Mensuel # 106; November, 1977);
6. a kiosko (newsstand) in Parque Rivadavia (Buenos Aires); the characters say: "And now, what?... The kids?"; "The kids are young Negrita."; the sign announces old Argentinian children's comics from the fifties and sixties: Misterix: 290 - 325; Rayo Rojo: assorted numbers; Frontera: years 61 - 62 - 63. Fine state."; a child (mirroring José Muñoz's own childhood) reads Rayo Rojo with enthusiasm (Sudor Sudaca; La Cúpula: 1990 [1983]);
7. an heir apparent to his role models Alberto Breccia and Hugo Pratt, José Muñoz is a master of the chiaroscuro: cover for Charlie Mensuel # 106 (November, 1977).

Texts by Paul Gravett and Oscar Zarate:

A Muñoz & Sampayo interview with Matthias Wivel and T. Thorhauge:

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