Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vincent Fortemps' Cimes - Coda









1. someone falling into the abyss in a Vincent Fortemps' comic before Cimes: Frigobox # 1 (November, 1994); an allegory of the risks we take to attain what we desire?;
2., 3. vulture and carrion; plus: a drunkard vomiting in Cimes (Fréon: 1997; as someone put it in the Frémok site: one of the heights of the art form; the two panel page is used by many artists to dissociate themselves from a children's comics' look);
4. seagulls in La digue (Amok: November 2001);
5. "Cale sèche" (dry dock): Liplezen / Lieux sans frontières / Distant Voices; Vincent Fortemps in color: artists from three groups (Bill, Pelure Amère, Frigoproduction) draw Molenbeek (February, 1995);
6., 7., 8.: three artists who published in Frigobox:
6. Alberto Breccia's page in Frigobox # 4 (September, 1995);
7. Frigorevue's publisher Alain Corbel's page for "La fosse" (the pit; Récits de villes: Frigobox série II vol. 2 - Fréon: February 2000);
8. Martin tom Dieck's page in "Territiroirs: (ciré)" (an untranslatable word play between "territoire" - territory - and "tiroir" - drawer -; "ciré" means "waxed"): Récits de villes: Frigobox série II vol. 3 (Fréon: October 2000).

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