Thursday, February 26, 2009

Peter Blegvad's Leviathan - Coda








1. illustration by Peter Blegvad's father, Erik: The Last of the Wizards by Rona Jaffe (Simon & Schuster, 1961); as found, here:; 2., 3. two of Leviathan's comic strips (The Independent on Sunday, 1992 - 1998);
2. Levi is amazed when he discovers his real ancestors in this self-referential strip;
3. Leviathan's author, Thomas Hobbes, speaks his mind;
4., 5. two The Pedestrian playful strips (The Independent on Sunday, 1999 - 2000);
6. Filling Tooth's cover (Amateur Enterprises, 2001); in the last two pages of this mini-comic Peter Blegvad plays with an afterimage; it's amazing how the afterimage phenomenon has been completely forgotten by comics creators (I can only thing of another example: two pages in Andrzej Klimowski's The Secret (Faber and Faber, 2002);
7. page from The Ganzfeld # 2 (The Kaput Press Inc., 2002);
8. the ugly "Anatomy of a [musical] "Hit"" (detail; Cartoonists on Music: The Comics Journal Special Edition, Volume Two - Summer, 2002); I especially like the "shred of decency" on the right;
9. strip from the "Sir Bold" series (Cartoonists on Patriotism: The Comics Journal Special Edition, Volume Three - Winter, 2003).

PS There are one hundred and twenty comic strips in The Book of Leviathan (if I'm not mistaken). Three hundred and seventy seven were published in The Independent on Sunday during the strip's run. Where are the remaining two hundred and fifty seven?...
Fantagraphics? Drawn and Quarterly? Anyone?...

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