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Alberto Breccia's and Carlos Trillo's Un tal Daneri - Coda










1. Alberto Breccia began his career in a completely uninteresting way: "Mariquita Terremoto:" Espinaca (spinach) # 14 (July, 1941);
2. Hugo Pratt wasn't the only great visual artist to draw Héctor Germán Oesterheld's Ernie Pike; Alberto Breccia also drew some stories; page from "La ejecucion" (the execution), Hora Cero (zero hour) # 25 (May, 1959), as published in El otro Ernie Pike (the other Ernie Pike; meaning: the Ernie Pike that wasn't drawn by Pratt), Ancares, 2002;
3. Lovecraft by Buscaglia and Breccia: "El horror de Dunwich" (Dunwich's horror) as published in Los mitos de Cthulhu (the Cthulhu myths), Nueva Imagen, 1980 [the series' first appearance: Il Mago (the magician) # 20, 1973; this particular story: Il Mago # 44, 1975]; Breccia faced an old Kantian aesthetic problem: how can we represent the unmeasurable, the sublime?;
4. Poe by Breccia: "El corazón delator" (the tell-tale heart) as published in Breccia Negro (Record, 1978 [Alterlinus # 9, September, 1975]); an obsessive rhythm conveys the fear and madness of both characters: an absolute masterpiece!;
5. Quiroga by Trillo and Breccia: "La gallina degollada" (the beheaded chicken) Breccia Negro, Record, 1978; the red (rojo) in this black and white story is a nice touch;
6. Borges by Sasturain and Breccia: "El fin" (the end), as published in Alberto Breccia, Obras completas, Volumen uno, Doedytores, 1994 [Versiones, Doedytores, 1993] (my translation): "After his righteous chore was done, he was nobody now / Better yet he was the other / He had no destiny on earth, he had killed a man;" a fine example of Breccia's monotype technique;
7. Breccia's and Trillo's "El hombre de azul" (the man in blue), Skorpio # 58, 1979; Breccia's collage technique at its best;
8. "La corte de los milagros, la princesa loca" (the court of the miracles, the mad princess) by Breccia and Trillo, again, Péndulo (November, 1979), as found at this fine site (in Spanish):;
9. image found at the same site: Breccia drew a self-caricature and caricatured also Trillo in "La bella durmiente" (sleeping beauty): SuperHumor # 4, January / February, 1981.

PPS A great essay about "Buscavidas" by Aarnoud Rommens:

PPPS Thank you Geraldes Lino and Lin Swimmer!

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