Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Those Crappy Reprints - Belated Coda or Who's The Author?

Who's the author of a comic? It depends, it may go from one person to several... Let's see, there's: the plotter, the scripter, the penciller, the inker, the letterer, the colorist, not to mention the editor, the art director, and, maybe, a couple more I'm forgetting...

Let's look at the below page again:

Earl Duvall (w and p), Al Taliaferro (i), unknown colorist, "Silly Symphonies", March 6, 1932.

The authors are Earl Duvall, Al Taliaferro, and a few more people we know nothing about. Why is that? Because those who wrote about these things over the years were completely obtuse. They used mule blinkers to see the drawings and only the drawings. No one else mattered. They were color blind too because, over the years, they couldn't care less for colorists. 

Any reprint that doesn't respect the work of all involved (and I mean, ALL people) is a fake in my book.

Earl Duvall (w and p), Al Taliaferro (i), Summer Hinton (c), "Silly Symphonies", March 6, 1932, as reprinted in Walt Disney's Comics And Stories # 604, August 1996.

In the above reprint the colors were completely changed. The work of one of the authors was erased creating a fake page. Was Summer Hinton active in 1932? Even if she was, did she work on this page? Even if she worked on this page, did she color it as we see above in the newspaper repro? Obviously not.

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