Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Calling Diego Cordoba

Hi Diego!

After your comment I downloaded Photoshop so, my total amount of Photoshop working hours is approximately 5 minutes. Even so, what do you think? I just added saturation. I'm not a big fan of saturated colors if saturation hides the drawings, but it doesn't seem to me that it happens here.


Diego Cordoba said...

Hi! Yep, this is more like it. If ever you want to print it (in book form), watch for the (over)saturation, as during print the colors can get muddy with too much saturation (especially with the reds that nowadays have some cyan in them to make them darker or "redder", the same with cyan/blue that have a hint of magenta in it and the blues don't come out as bright and clean as the ones you have here; it will come out darker). See what oversaturation did to the first six volumes of Fantagraphics' Prince Valiant, who were using scans from the original color proofs, and by over-saturating the colors turned them into mud.

But yes, this is more like it (though I'd be a tad more subtle with the saturation—it's so easy to overdue it, but you get the idea). If you think of printing your work, ask your printer to send you his color calibrations, like that what you see on your computer screen, is what will appear in print (something nobody does anymore, that's why colors in comics don't come out right in print).

BTW, I still maintain it's really good what you are doing here.

Diego Cordoba said...

Isabelinho, I did reply a while back, but maybe my message got lost. It's much better now and closer (or even better) to how it looked in print the first time around.

Do you intend to publish this, or keep it only in the Internet or as an e-book or digital file?

Isabelinho said...

I would love to publish it, but you know how it is: someone else, usually with zero concerns with production values, has the copyright. As I said a while ago, I'm just having fun... My aim is, and always was, to go against the grain of an industry that I deeply despise.

Isabelinho said...

Thanks a lot and thanks for your first comment. I didn't see it until now because I was afc.