Monday, November 28, 2016

Micharmut 1953 - 2016

Juan Enrique Bosch Quevedo (aka as Micharmut) had to be a comics artist because his last names included the surnames of both a famous painter and a great writer. And what a great comics artist he was! Coming from the Valencian clear line school, with Mique Beltrán, Daniel Torres and Sento, Micharmut was a lot more inventive and avant-garde than his peers. I remember him from the pages of Medios Revueltos (where he signed J. Bosch) and Nosotros somos los muertos, but I also include a page from Besame Mucho, for good measure, below. Micharmut died yesterday.

Micharmut, "El hombre que veia insectos" [the man who saw insects], Medios Revueltos # 1, Spring 1988.

Micharmut, "Historias muertas" [dead stories], Nosotros somos los muertos # 2, May 1996.

Micharmut, "Caza mayor" [big game], Besame Mucho # 5, September 1979.

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