Monday, July 18, 2016

The Last One With a PS

Below is the last elongated panel by Hugo Pratt on the cover of Misterix.

Héctor German Oesterheld (w), Hugo Pratt (a), Stefan Strocen (c), "La mina de los demonios" [the devils' mine], Misterix # 456, August 9, 1957.

By the way, I continue to read, on some French sites, that Hugo Pratt wrote this and that WITH Oesterheld. It's an improvement since the days when Oesterheld's name was completely forgotten, but get this people: Hugo Pratt didn't write a word in "Sgt. Kirk,""Ernie Pike" (except in one story, at the end of the run, that he did alone), or "Ticonderoga". Please, get your facts straight once and for all!... Enough already!...

À propos, je continue a lire, dans des sites français, que Hugo Pratt a écrit ceci et cela AVEC Oesterheld. Cést un progrès dès les jours où le nom d’Oesterheld était complètememt oublié, mais aprenez ceci s’il vous plaît: Hugo Pratt n’a pas écrit un mot de “Sgt. Kirk”, “Ernie Pike” (à l’exception d’une histoire qu’il a fait tout seul à la fin de la série), ou “Ticonderoga”. Verifiez les faits une fois pour toutes!... Ça suffit, non?..

Oh, and, another thing: the above image was never reprinted, as you see it above, since it was first published almost 60 years ago. This is indeed an amnesiac art form! On top of that the historiography of comics is full of false assumptions, like the one above, put into circulation by incompetent amateurish "historians" and adoring hagiographers. This art form deserves to die!...

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