Thursday, March 17, 2016

Jochen Gerz or The Subtle Passage of Time

A few posts ago I mentioned Narrative Art and Jochen Gerz. Today I want to show you what I meant.

Jochen Gerz, 1974.
(My translation): 
The man, a foreigner by birth, spent most of his life in this street. From his attic to his working place the distance was a few meters only. What kept him here? It was the vista in front of them when they leaved the house: an image in connection with other images, like this writing in connection with other writings. 

Jochen Gerz, 1976.

Until 1974 and 1976 no comic in the restrict field had such complex and poetic word / image relationships. I doubt that many since then do. Needless to say that I would love to see a book full of these. Unfortunately, as most of my dream books, this one will never happen.



Una biografia de Chumy Chumez? (1973)
La Cage (1975)?

Isabelinho said...

É por isso que escrevi "in the restrict field".