Friday, October 24, 2014

Misterix #715

I received a few Argentinian mags on the mail today, Misterix # 715 among them, so, and because Mahendra asked, I'll post what's more interesting in it. (Meanwhile I'm reading Aristophane's Conte Démoniaque - I'm on page 16, believe it or not!)

Carlos Cruz, Misterix # 715, Editorial Yago, July 27, 1962.

Héctor Germán Oesterheld (w), Alberto Breccia (a), "Mort Cinder," the third installment of the series - with the "ojos de plomo," the "lead eyes."

Another Mort Cinder page. Look below to see how it was reprinted by Ediciones Colihue in 1997!

This has to be seen to be believed: they cut the second panel in half! 

Eugenio Zappietro  (Ray Collins) (w), Arturo del Castillo (a), "Garrett." 

Hugo Pratt, "Wheeling." Pratt returned to Argentina, after his Brit adventure at Fleetway, to be managing editor of Misterix. He wrote and drew "Wheeling" for the magazine.


Mahendra Singh said...

Wow, amazing work. As you may know, I rarely think about the story in a BD, I just look at the art. This was really good … the Hugo Pratt, there is so much skill and pleasure in his work.

Pratt really was one of the best inkers ever, he is so … liquid. So musical.

I am smiling all day today! Many thanks … now back to work!

Isabelinho said...

You're welcome, Mahendra!

In comics the art is also the story. You just look at the art in an abstract way: as lines and textures on paper. Or, as you put it: as music. But music and abstract art have meanings too. In Pratt's case you are right when you apply the epithet "liquid" to his work. It's a fast and furious, always changing, world. Since Oesterheld's ethical world view is a lot more static their work together has an interesting internal tension. This has intimate links with Pratt, the man behind the creator. He was too busy living his life to bother pencilling anything. He produced fast and easily, often under the effects of a hangover, I'm sure...

But I thought that you would prefer Castillo's melancholic old fashioned hatchings and cross-hatchings. How wrong can a body be?

As for Breccia... well... Breccia is Breccia!...