Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stolen Art / Arte Roubada

Someone at the Portuguese customs or postal service stole the original art for these two Ray Bailey / Milton Caniff pages (# 13, 14 of Strictly for the Smart Birds, 1951). If you bump into them anywhere, please let me know! Thanks!

Alguém da alfândega ou dos CTT roubou-me a arte original destas duas páginas de Ray Bailey / Milton Caniff (# 13, 14 de Strictly for the Smart Birds, 1951). Se as virem por aí agradeceria muito que me avisassem. Obrigado!


Robert Beerbohm said...

I thought i knew every thing in 50s comics. Milt Caniff did a comic book?

Isabelinho said...

Hi Bob:

I think that he did more than one (just check out Robert Harvey's book), but his assistants did most of the work because of his other duties.