Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Another Hugo Pratt Li... Er... Mystification or Ernie Pike - Coda # 6

It's a dead horse at The Crib by now, I know, and I should shut up and be done with it already. But... sigh!... I can't avoid the topic because I keep stumbling across how a scumbag Hugo Pratt was. This as nothing to do with his greatness as an artist, don't get me wrong.

This time though there's an interesting look behind the scene at Pratt's great visual thinking (and that, to me, is the true greatness of a visual artist, not her or his tech mastery).

That said, let's go...

Hugo Pratt, Hugo Pratt 50, Visualprint, 1980.

The above drawing was published in a book by Gianni Berti showing Hugo Pratt's work from the 1950s. As a comment Berti wrote (undoubtedly misinformed by Pratt; my translation):
The drawing below was an idea for the cover of a war book (Ernie Pike). It was refused because it was considered to be too violent at the time.
If that's the case may I ask what's that below?

Hugo Pratt, Hora Cero Extra! # 10, June 1959.

The original art.

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