Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Alberto Breccia and Hugo Pratt

Colihue Ediciones in Argentina published Juan Sasturain's latest book Breccia el viejo (that's great news!).

Lately I've been scanning as much as I can of the "Sgt. Kirk" series by Héctor Germán Oesterheld and Hugo Pratt (I'm doing it because no one seems to want a facsimile edition, so, I'm doing my own). Today (cf. below) I stumbled across an impressive Pratt composition (Misterix # 288; page 335 of the series). I bet that it hasn't been reproduced as it first appeared since April 2, 1954.


cochquixtia said...

Hello Domingos. Its a little bit intrigant this new post, as you remarke that no one seems interested in the facsimile publication of St Kirk... Just a question: All this serie is with the argument of Oesterheld? I rebember to have an album, printed in Portugal (first volume, I think) of St Kirk but it was presented as a Pratt solo job... Recently, in Bologna, Italy, I saw in a library several volumes, in the Franco-Belgian format, of St Kirk, in italian. Dont rebember if they mention Oesterheld.
A good new year, for you and your writings!

Isabelinho said...

All the Sgt. Kirk series was written by Oesterheld. Pratt changed the original format of the pages in Misterix magazine (landscape) to portrait when Ivaldi published the series in Italy (in Sgt Kirk magazine). Consequently he also changed the layout of the pages cutting many panels out. Needless to say that the high quality of Oesterheld's texts was completely lost in the translation (said quality couldn't be recovered when the series was published in Spain because the Spanish editors preferred to translate and publish the Italian truncated version instead of reprinting the original Argentinian one). Happy new year for you too!