Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Visado Pela Comissão de Censura

The Cisco Kid, by Rod Reed (w) and José Luis Salinas (a), February 21, 1951.

Mundo de Aventuras # 94, May 31, 1951. (Cisco just walks in the thug's direction: is he a fool?)

The Cisco Kid, by Rod Reed (w) and José LuisSalinas (a), February 27, 1951.

Mundo de Aventuras # 95, June 7, 1951. (Cisco just "fell" instead of "being hit.")

The indicia of Mundo de Aventuras # 94.

It's a known fact that an anti-comics campaign existed almost everywhere during the 1950s. In Portugal, on top of that, there was a Fascist dictatorship practicing censorship to all media. A no guns policy, as seen above, chopped arms off and forced editors to change plots. What can be read in bold letters at the bottom of the indicia above is "Visado Pela Comissão de Censura" (surveyed by the censorship committee).

By the way "editor" is a false friend in English and Portuguese. The editor in Portugal is the publisher.

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