Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oslo Comics Expo

I was invited by the Oslo Comics Expo to participate in a seminar about modern aesthetics in comics. I had a great time! Thanks Håvard S. Johansen, thanks Erle Marie Sørheim! I loved meeting everyone there (and I mean also those who aren't mentioned on this post, of course)! It was great to meet Matthias Wivel, Paul Gravett, Fredrik Strömberg, Joost Swarte, Ulli Lust and the Drawn & Quarterly people: Tom Devlin, Seth, Chris Ware, Jillian Tamaki, Pascal Girard, Marc Bell. I hope to meet you all again soon...

Image (picked on Ulli Lust's blog; sorry Ulli!):

From left to right: (background) Matthias Wivel (hidden by Paul Gravett), yours truly, Pascal Girard, Seth; (foreground) Sharmila Banerjee, Martin Ernstsen, Jillian Tamaki.

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