Tuesday, May 26, 2015

David A. Beronä

Davis A, Beronä

The Crib is in  mourning yet again. David Beronä, the comics scholar who dedicated his whole attention to wordless novels, passed away. Here's how he presented himself on his site
In addition to my professional duties as the Dean of Library and Academic Support at Plymouth State University, I have  researched the history of wordless books and woodcut novels, referred by Scott McCloud as "missing links" in the development of comics. In Wordless Books, I have narrowed my focus on the works of Frans Masereel, Lynd Ward[,] Otto Nuckel, Helena Bochoraková-Dittrichová, William Gropper, Milt Gross, Myron Waldman, e. o. plauen, Istvan Szegedi [...] Szutz, Giacomo Patri, amd Laurence Hyde. The themes in these wordless books show a powerful relevance to our world today, the significance of wordless stories, and the growing importance of visual narratives in all cultures.

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